Have a SPOOKY good time!!

Easy and Inexpensive Party Decorations!

The other day my friend had a birthday party for her daughter and her decorations were so cute (and easy to make) I thought I would share them with you all!


The Invitations!

These were more cute than spooky, which was perfect for a 4 year olds birthday! They set the tone of the entire party, such a wonderful choice of invites!

halloween invite.jpg


The Good Eats!

These cupcakes are not only cute, they were easy to make! After baking chocolate cupcakes we added chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles for the spiders. Added eyes, and for the legs we cut chocolate twizzlers in half. 

The pumpkin cupcakes also were started by baking chocolate cupcakes, then we added orange food coloring to white frosting to get the right color orange we wanted. We did the same thing to make the green frosting for the leaves, and added a tootsie roll for the stem!

halloween decorations 1.JPG


How cute are these Mummies and Ghosts!!! My girlfriend used applesauce for the Mummies and covered them each with the white party streamers, added eyes and DONE! For the Ghosts she used lollipops covered with a white napkin, tied them with white ribbon and added eyes with a black marker…DONE!

halloween decorations 3.JPG


The Decorations!

I wish I had taken more pictures of the crafty decorations she had (insert sad face) but I at least captured this guy! A spider made from a balloon and party streamers! You have got to try this!!

halloween decorations 2.JPG


What a SPOOKY good time this was!!


xo, Kasey


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