Let me start off saying that I am NOT a runner! I think the most I have ever ran before was around 5 miles (no more than that).  So when my girlfriend came to me asking if I wanted to run a ½ marathon with her, you can imagine my hesitation…

With great reluctance, I finally agreed, and made it official by registering for the Ventura Marathon!

Currently, I am in the beginning stages of my training with LOTS of help from THIS veteran runner! It is nice to have a guideline to go by, such as this one I printed and put on my refrigerator.

Half Marathon training schedule

If you are interested in running a race, or marathon, of any kind, I highly recommend taking a look at the training schedule by Hal Higdon…

Hal also wrote a book, which my girlfriend was kind enough to let me borrow, called “THE ULTIMATE TRAINING GUIDE”.  I am still in the process of reading it but already have found some great tips and tricks to getting through my first ½ marathon!



If you are interested, and want to beFIT with me, than check out the race details HERE!

I’d love to see you there!




xo, Kasey


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