A Wife.

It was an early morning showtime in Chicago, IL where I slowly made my way to the airplane, looking for the rest of my crew.  I was a flight attendant for United Airlines and was on my way to work, prepared to do the job I loved, but what I wasn’t prepared to do was meet the man who I would soon after call my husband… the Captain of the flight I was about to work on.  We flew our very first trip to Wichita, Kansas together and it was love at first sight!  We worked several more trips together, traveling, exploring, having fun and a year later got married! I am so very blessed to be married to my best friend! He has given me our two beautiful girls, a home and a wonderful life together.  We are christians, believers and support one another in all we do.  I don’t know where I would be today without him and I can’t wait to see what this crazy beautiful life continues to bring us!



A Mother.

The joy of being a mother to these two amazing girls is a feeling like no other!  They are truly the light of my life and everyday I thank the good Lord above for giving them to me.


mother 2.PNG


A Fitness Instructor.

I have had a passion for fitness ever since I was young and participated in just about every sport I could be in.  This passion is one of the reasons that brought my husband and I so close.  From the first day we met, and ran just over 5 miles together, we have always made this a priority.  When I realized I could get paid to do what I love to do, it was a no brainer! Working at Sun Oaks Tennis & Fitness has not only opened up new opportunities, it has also allowed me to positively motivate others, which motivates me to do better as well.  There is nothing better than being around those who share your passion.  This is not a job for me, this is a hobby, and I’m beyond grateful to being doing what I love to do.


A Nutritionist.

After two years in the Nursing program, I took my first nutrition course, and I knew right away what I wanted to do.  I switched my major and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Food Science and Nutrition! Seeing how obesity has grown, I decided to focus my attention on Bariatrics. I now own my own Nutrition business and help my clients reach their desired weight loss goals.

pic with salad.jpeg



I started BeFIT.BeHEALTHY.BeYOU! in order to motivate others to do just that; be fit, be healthy, and be yourself. Being yourself could mean being a mother, be a dad, be a friend, be kind, be confident, be loving, be caring…be whatever it is that you are or aspire to be, and own it!

There is so much pressure to be a certain way, but I believe there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself…your unique, wonderful self!

With so much negativity that comes into our daily lives I want this to be a place where myself and others can share who they are, support one another in their fitness and health journey and be proud!

Are you ready to BeFIT.BeHEALTHY.BeYOU!?

Join the movement and share now!








xo, Kasey








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