Nutrition counseling offers help and hope for individuals with overweight health concerns. This is not a lecture about what you should be doing, and you will never be scolded or judged on your eating habits.

My goal is to strive to make nutrition counseling enjoyable and helpful. I will take the time to listen to you in order to understand your current lifestyle and diet.

I want to work with you to help you achieve YOUR own personal goals.


In order to answer that question, you will have to ask yourself…

Do I want to:

  • Increase my energy
  • Take control of my eating habits
  • Lose weight, and tone my body
  • Get my metabolism to rev up
  • Get educated on pre and post workout needs
  • Learn about food alternatives and meal preparation



I offer one-on-one counseling in person, over the phone, via Skype/Facetime and even through e-mail! We will talk about which of these methods is best for you and your current lifestyle.



This is a one hour visit where I will ask you about your current lifestyle, who does the cooking and shopping, any weight loss programs that have or haven’t worked for you, eating habits, goals, and reason for coming to see me.

I will also review your medical history including food allergies, any supplements you are currently taking, your energy level as well as your current amount of daily exercise.

We will together develop some initial strategies to help you move forward with achieving your personal goals.



“I would highly recommend Kasey for anyone trying to reach any health or fitness goals! She is motivating, compassionate and understanding that everyone has different lifestyles and different goals. I have back and knee pain and I always appreciate her modifications when it comes to working out. She helps you set realistic goals and more than that helps you achieve them!” – Mallory

“Kasey is amazing! She helped me get back into the routine of exercising with her at home workouts! Her Instagram page is organized so nicely, it made it super easy for me to go in and save a bunch of workouts that I love. She has great tips and tricks on healthy eating which I’m grateful for with the holidays around the corner!!” -Chanda

“Fabulous help with nutrition, fitness & thyroid issues! You will not find a more kind, encouraging & helpful nutritionist. If you want to really change the way your mind thinks about eating, fitness & life, CALL KASEY! Don’t go on one more day wondering about your health/fitness questions!!! Thanks for all your help, Kasey!” – Erin

“Kasey is an insightful nutritionist. Her knowledge and experience have helped me break my bad habits (many of which I didn’t know where bad). She has the ability to make healthy choices easy and realistic. If you are looking for someone to help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one, Kasey is your girl!” – Alaina

“Kasey certainly has the knowledge, but more than that, she cares deeply and is passionate about overall health and wellness! She is an easy choice for anyone looking to level up on their journey, or just starting out with the very first step of becoming the healthy person they are created to be!” – Dusty

“Kasey is your girl! She is wonderful and knowledgeable! She will work with you and figure out exactly what you need! Everyone has different needs and wants and she understands that and focuses on what you want!” – Erica

“I would recommend Kasey to anyone looking for a nutritionist she is very knowledgeable and is easy to work with. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and is dedicated to helping her clients meet their weight loss goals.” – Trista

“If you are looking for a nutritionist that really cares about your physical and mental wellness then Kasey is your gal! She has easy, and manageable recommendations on healthy eating and physical fitness. She is very hard working at what she does and gives it her 100% Kasey is a great fitness coach and motivator and helps people achieve more than they thought they could! Love her!” – Gaby

“If you are looking for nutritional guidance and advice, Kasey Forrester is the best. She has a way of breaking down the difficulty of losing weight into small, doable steps that are easy to follow. Love her!” – Joan

“If you have been in search of a nutritionist, look no further!  Kasey is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and relatable on many levels!  She is able to make fitness and food, real attainable goals!  Don’t wait any longer, call Kasey today!!  You will not be disappointed.” -Nicolette

“Kasey has been a great help to me. She is very knowledgeable and professional.” -David



xxo, Kasey


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